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Word of the Day, Speech-Activated Definitions and Synonyms at the Ready on Your Wrist

OAKLAND, Calif., April 23, 2015, the leading online and mobile resource for everything word related, today announced new functionality in the app to provide customized support for the Apple Watch. services include access to millions of English definitions, synonyms, pronunciations and example sentences, which can now be easily accessed right from a user’s wrist.

“The Apple Watch enabled us to develop new ways to bring words to life for people,” said Michele Turner, CEO of “We've added functionality to our app to take advantage of the immediacy of the watch, letting people speak or tap to get a definition or synonym, or quickly Glance to learn our Word of the Day.”

The Apple Watch app includes the following features:

  • Just Say the Word – Siri’s speech-activated technology pulls up definitions for more than two million words on-the-go.
  • Word of the Day - One of’s most popular features, Word of the Day showcases the definition of a single word, with its pronunciation, etymology and citations.’s Glance provides an on-demand view of the Word of the Day details, with a simple swipe from the watch face.
    • Word of the Day Images – Tapping on Word of the Day from the home screen pulls up a scrolling view of the last seven days; tapping on the image takes the user to the detail screen with additional definitions.
    • Push Notifications – The Word of the Day arrives with a gentle buzz and expands to a detailed view when the user lifts their watch.
  • Synonyms – Access synonyms for all the words in; one touch navigates between definitions and synonyms.
  • Recents/Favorites – Keep track of recent word searches and view favorites synced from an iPhone.
  • Handoff to iPhone – App activity can be launched in the iPhone for more information on the word the user was last viewing from their watch.

For more information on the app for Apple Watch, or the entire suite of Dictionary mobile apps, please visit:

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