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Ambivalent, Bare, Chagrined: Names the ABCs of College Student Searches

Most Searched Words At Campuses Across the Country Revealed 

OAKLAND, Calif., March 24, 2016 –, the leading online and mobile resource dedicated to helping users master the art of language, today released Your College in a Word, the most popular definitions searched at colleges and universities from coast to coast. The list includes top-seeded NCAA March Madness schools, the Ivy League, and campuses in New England, Massachusetts, and Texas.

“From putting polishing touches on final papers to finding the perfect adjective to describe a Friday night party, college students are looking up words that run the gamut from lighthearted to more serious topics,” said Elizabeth McMillan, CEO of “These words illuminate the different culture or issues that surround each specific campus, from an Ivy League’s frequent search of the word ‘fat’ to Duke University’s more obscure word, ‘encomium.’”’s list of most searched words at colleges are: 

Baylor University: phlegmatic

Boston College: irascibly

Boston University: measurement

Brown University: trust

Columbia University: barter

Cornell University: amiable

Dartmouth College: bare

DePaul University: wreaking

Duke University: encomium

Gonzaga University: last

Harvard University: fat

Indiana University Bloomington: comport

Iowa State University: photoautotroph

Northeastern University: metaphor

University of Notre Dame: judeo-christian

Princeton University: abode

Providence College: contender

Rice University: hopeful

Sam Houston State University: environment

Smith College: sparkle

Southern Methodist University: godspeed

Texas A&M University: computer

Texas State University: utilitarianism

Tufts College: onomatopoeia

University of Houston: ethics

University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign: imperative

University of Kansas: precipitation

University of Maryland, College Park: exigence

University of Miami: historical novels

University of New Hampshire: awesome

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: chagrined

University of Oklahoma: hydrate

University of Oregon: hurricane

University of Pennsylvania: niche

University of Texas: masochist

University of Vermont: knowledge

University of Virginia: reprisal

University of Wisconsin-Madison: physique

Villanova University: ambivalent

Wellesley College: dissolve

Yale University: ambiguous


Data for Your College in a Word was determined through zip code matches to search data in 2015. To inquire about the most frequently searched word at a specific university, contact


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