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With more than 70 million monthly users worldwide, is the world's leading and most definitive digital dictionary. Our dictionary provides reliable access to millions of English definitions and meanings, spellings, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and word origins. In addition to our own team of experienced lexicographers, our content is licensed from trusted and established sources including American Heritage and Harper Collins.’s main source is based on the Random House Dictionary, originally The Century Dictionary, which was published between 1889 and 1891 as one of the most prominent dictionaries in the United States.
The re-envisioned contains the first modern update to any thesaurus in over 160 years. It provides users with over 1,000 modern synonyms and a suite of helpful features and tools found only at to help people find the perfect word.
The Word of the Day is enjoyed by 19 million people via our daily email, on our home page and through our 80 million mobile app installs. These words are carefully selected by our editors to help users enhance their vocabulary every day. Educational, comprehensive, useful and fun, our daily words enrich the lexicon and include word origins, definitions, quotes, audio pronunciation and contextual usage. Boost your word bank today and sign up for our daily email here.

The editors at have redesigned their daily blog to bring you fresh analysis of the English language, its history, its evolution and its potential future. What words have the most meanings? What's wrong with the word literally? Where did the idiom breaking bad come from?

The new blog is the essential source to stay up-to-date on language trends. Our editors bring a linguistic eye to pop culture with vibrant insights framed by scholarly investigation. Now with fascinating word facts, quizzes on our Word of the Day definitions, slideshows, roundups of language news, guest blog posts, and more, the blog is the best source for language news and investigation.

Mobile Applications has apps that have been installed over 90 million times on the 7 major platforms. These award-winning mobile apps are the most trusted, comprehensive tools for word discovery - accessible anytime, anywhere. With the mobile app suite, you can continue to look forward to rapid releases of top-ranked, innovative apps that promote language learning and fun educational games. See a selection from our mobile app portfolio below. App for iOS and Android
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We empower our users with the ability to communicate in over 50 languages. Users across the globe can quickly translate any page or word and are provided with a full text translator of over 3000 characters.

Our free translations use a translation technology that is among the most reliable and relevant available on the market today, intended for both language learners and professionals. Look no further - you have just discovered the best language translator online.